Artwork Supplied
If supplying your own artwork we require a Vector file at 300dpi or better.  If the artwork supplied does not meet our print requirements we will contact you.

We can assist with artwork corrections but we charge accordingly to the design corrections required.  Artwork touch ups, alterations or re-design are billed at our hourly rate.


What is a Vector art file?
A vector file can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality.  This is because it’s built up from mathematically precise points.

Vector files are the type you will require to get anything professionally printed, including apparel, brochures, banner stands, pens etc.

As vector files are intended for use in printing they are provided in CMYK colour mode. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, which are the 4 colours used to make up the colours in a full colour printed page.  There’s also special colours that can be used in some instances, known as a Pantone.  Pantone colours are specific colour coded numbers.

Vector file types have a file extension of .ai .eps .in or .pdf


What is a Raster file?
Raster files are built up of small squares called pixels.  This means that as you increase the size of your image, it will become blocky, or appear to be blurred.  This is why a logo design should be created in vector format for the best results.

Raster files are intended for computer use, they are produced in RGB colour mode.  RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue, which are the colours used to make up all the colours you see on your screen. Black is the absence of light.

Raster file types have a file extension of .jpeg or .png (there are other raster-based image types, such as Gif, BMP and TIFF).


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