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Ordering Information & Disclaimers

By submitting an order to Anything Printing, you agree to all terms and conditions listed on our website regardless of those listed on your own purchase order.  Every effort is made to verify and maintain the accuracy of information contained within our website and literature, however Anything Printing reserves the right to change this information without notice and cannot be held liable for these changes.


Order Acknowledgments
Order acknowledgements are sent for all orders within 24 to 72 hours of the order being entered into our system.  It is our customers responsibility to check for any discrepancies as the order will be processed accordingly.  Verify the item number, colours, sizes, quantities, pricing, design submitted, and shipping information on this acknowledgment is correct and notify us of any discrepancies immediately.  Email orders shall not be larger than 20MB (total of ALL file attachments) or we may not receive them.


Production Time  
Due to COVID production times have increased to 7-20 business days depending upon the quantity ordered, availability of stock, product type and time of year.  Overseas production time is typically 3-8 weeks depending upon the quantity ordered, availability of stock, product type and time of year.  Business days do not include proofing time, weekends, holidays or transit time.


Artwork Supplied
For best results customers must supply Vector art files at 300dpi.  If the artwork supplied does not meet our print requirements we will notify you.  Anything Printing is not responsible for artwork touch ups, alterations or re-design.  We can assist with artwork corrections but we charge accordingly to the design corrections required. 


Proofing Time  
Orders requiring proofs are not considered complete until we have received an email stating "APPROVED".  Proofs are not "RUSHED" and are completed in the order we receive them.  Requested proof(s) are usually received with-in 24 to 72 hours from receipt of your order.  After we receive the email stating the proof is approved the order will be put in to our production schedule. 

Once a proof is approved a rush order may be requested.  If your rush order is accepted the order is subject to our Rush Order policies.  


Color Change Charge  
An additional charge will be added to any order requesting a change in print colors during the middle of a run for each print color change during a single print color run.  The charge will vary depending upon the product, quantity and print method being used.


PMS Ink Color Matching  
We offer PMS matching, however color match is only guaranteed plus or minus one color shade on white or clear items.  We cannot guarantee color match on colored items.  We will make every effort to obtain a close printed match to the requested color; however we will not be responsible for shade variations.  Customers are required to provide the correct PMS colour or sequence numbers.  PMS colour matching fees may be applicable.


Product Color Variations
We cannot assume responsibility for slight shade variations of products or print colors. Environmental concerns and manufacturer productions cause changes beyond our control which are typical variations in the industry. 


Over / Under Run  
An accidental over or under run of 5% will constitute a complete order. Every attempt will be made to minimize these amounts.  Customers are require to cover any over run charges. 


Repeat Orders  
A printed sample or a copy of the printed product must accompany any order requesting exactly as last order. For print color matches a printed sample must be provided. Anything Printing will not be responsible for misprinted repeat orders without a provided copy or sample.


Claims & Returns  
Custom imprinted items are not returnable or refundable for credit unless there is a factory error.  Anything Printing must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of an order if there is a shortage or other problem with the order not related to shipping.  Shipping related claims must be filed directly with the freight carrier (See Shipping Info/Claims).  All claims or returns must be approved by Anything Printing within 5 days of receipt of order.  Anything Printing must be notified immediately if a shipment is refused or returned for any reason.  Unauthorized returns will not be accepted and you will be invoiced for any freight charges incurred for unauthorized return shipments.

Please contact us for more information.


Order Cancellation Charge  
If an order has been processed and the job started the order may be subject to an order cancellation fee as per manufacturer requirements.  Each of our manufacturers have their own order cancellation regulations.  Please inquire at time of order.


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