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Direct to Garment printing is a new and cutting edge digital printing method of on to garments. DTG automatically turns high resolutions artwork into a printable file that can be printed directly onto a garment (Preferably cotton).

Because this is all done digitally, the DTG process offers a number of advantages over traditional printing methods including:

-Designs no longer have to be limited because of how many colours they have

-There are no quantity minimums because the set up is much more simple

-Designs can be printed at different sizes on different sized garments

-Photo realistic designs can be printed including actual photos

-DTG printing has no setup fees, no art charges, and no screen charges

There is one more advantage DTG printing has over traditional printing methods and that is how clean and environmentally friendly this process is. Our inks are water based inks which means no harmful chemicals on the garment. All of our inks are free of heavy metals, formaldehyde, and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates and meet standards such as Oeko-Tex 100 safety applications for infant wear, Global Organic Textiles (GOTS-3V), Residues Standard List (RSL) and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. DTG is also a water less printing system which means there is no waste water used in the process of printing or clean up.  As part of our water less printing system, our biodegradable ink and energy saving process makes DTG an eco-friendly printing solution.

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