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There is a reason that we are leaders in Apparel and Apparel Decoration!  

We offer 7 unique decoration options all available at one low price.  No matter the size or your logo or the detail we have the perfect decoration method for your apparel needs.  We can also help you choose the perfect garment for your logo or event requirements.

We have listed our decoration methods and the benefits of each below.  If you have any further questions of which method is best for you contact us.  We have a series of short videos to help you decide which decoration method is right for you! 




Embroidery is probably the most timeless and classic look in clothing decoration.  With our embroidery we can match virtually all PMS colours, we offer traditional and nontraditional threads, and 3D embroidery.




True Edge Transfer

We offer transfers in 2 different methods Photograffix and Free Standing Text.  Photograffix is printed in high resolution at 300Dpi, text needs a border.  Our Photograffix is available to print in metallex so your imprint really pops and shines.  TrueEdge transfers are printed as free standing text and can be printed in a 4 colour process along with printing free standing text (No border required).  Reflective transfers also available.




inFusion is our exciting new decoration option that replaces screen printing.  Unlike screen printing inFusion infuses the ink directly into the garment.  Some of the benefits include: inFusion prints at very high resolution, the ink is breathable in the garment and we can print over seams and zippers .  *Not available in white



Laser Etching

Laser is one of our newest decoration options.  Laser allows us to engrave the outside of the garment removing part of the garment coating leaving a very subtle tone on tone logo.  We can use this technique in virtually any location and will not puncture the garment.  Laser works great as an accent with any of our other decoration options.




Creates a unique 3D look but essentially burning your logo into the garment.  Debossing offers great detail and it gives your logo a very subtle look and tone.  Debossing is done on top of the garment and doesn't puncture the garment and doesn't eliminate any waterproofing capabilities.  We can Deboss on almost any location.  It works great on leather too.




HXD is our patented unique decoration method that offers the added 3D dimension to bring your logo to the top of the garment, creating a subtle pop from the apparel surface.  HXD is offered in both a standard or metallic print and 5 different finishes 




Our Patches are available in 3 different methods: rubber, vintage and wovens.  Our Patches offer exceptional reproduction of detailed and complex logos or images to match virtually any colour.


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